Crafty Kalalau Beach

Kalalau Beach

Typically you discover a tour operator willing to allow you to off within the water along with your gear in a dry bag. I believe they do it on their regular tour, so the boat is full alreayd. I do not know what they charge. And they in all probability solely do that in the summer, when the surf and currents are protected to swim ashore. I suppose they woud pick you up as well, however you’d have to talk to them. And as koloagirl says, you still need a tenting allow.

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milwkid9090’s first answer continues to be the very best. Folks hear concerning the tough hike to a fantastic seashore, and ask methods to get to that place without all the trouble. The reply is, it takes extra effort to find a boat to take you there than it does to hike.

jebett, the designated campsites are proper behind Kalalau seaside. There are few coveted spots between the trail and the beach, however most are below the timber inland of the trail, but only about 50 ft from the sand. However as a result of there is no legal camping in Kalalau valley, individuals normally say they camped “at” Kalalau beach to make the excellence.

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Water from the waterfall should be purified by boiling or iodine pills, because of the threat of leptospirosis , a bacterial disease unfold through contact with infected rat and goat urine. There are herds of feral goats roaming the beach and valley. The goats are a non-native species, and to stop overpopulation the Department of Land and Natural Resources permits hunting on weekends in August and September. Guests can discover field-dressed pelts hanging round, as hunters pack out only the meat.

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Kalalau Beach

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